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PowerPack Pro 20000mAh HUB/USB Type-C/2xUSB Type-A/65W PD Power Bank​

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PowerPack Pro 20000mAh HUB/USB Type-C/2xUSB Type-A/65W PD Power Bank​

PowerPack Pro 20000mAh HUB/USB Type-C/2xUSB Type-A/65W PD Power Bank

ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS
ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS


ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS

Three Ports

  • USB-C (when used alone) supports USB PD 3.0 at 65W. PDO: 5V𝌂3A, 9V𝌂3A, 12V𝌂3A, 15V𝌂3A, 20V𝌂3.25A. PPS: 5V-11V𝌂4A, 5V-20V𝌂3A
  • USB-C (when used simultaneously with USB-A ports) supports USB PD 3.0 at 45W. PDO: 5-15V𝌂3A 20V𝌂2.25A. PPS: 5-11V𝌂4A, 5-20V𝌂2.25A
  • Either USB-A (used while the other USB-A port unplugged) supports QC 3.0 with 5V𝌂2.4A 9V𝌂2A 12V𝌂1.5A (18W max)
  • Both USB-A ports (when used at the same time) deliver a combined 3A at 5V (15W total)

Charge USB-C Laptops

Fast Recharging

ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS

USB Hub Mode

ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS

In the Box

ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro USB PD Backup Battery & Hub 65W Power Bank with PPS

Power bank with HUB mode that delivers data over its USB ports, connect your mouse, keyboard, hard drives, etc


Model: QB823
Cell Type: Lithium-ion
Cell Capacity: 20,000 mAh 3.6V 72Wh
Nominal Capacity: 12,000mAh @ 5V 60Wh (USB-C: 5V𝌂3A & 2× USB-A: 5V𝌂3A total); 2,800mAh @ 20V 56Wh (20V𝌂3.25A)
Maximum Charging Voltage: 12.6V DC
Input Port: 1× USB-C

  • USB-C Input: USB PD, Quick Charge 2.0
    5V𝌂3A 9V𝌂3A 12V𝌂3A 15V𝌂3A 20V𝌂2.25A


Output Ports: 1× USB-C and 2× USB-A

  • USB-C Output (used alone)
    Charging protocols supported: USB PD 3.0
    5V𝌂3A 9V𝌂3A 12V𝌂3A 15V𝌂3A 20V𝌂3.25A (65W max) NOTE: For wattage greater than 60W, an E-Mark USB-C to USB-C cable is required. 
    PDO: 5V𝌂3A, 9V𝌂3A, 12V𝌂3A, 15V𝌂3A, 20V𝌂3.25A
    PPS: 5V-11V𝌂4A, 5V-20V𝌂3A
  • Either USB-A Output (used alone)
    Charging protocols supported: Apple 2.4A, QC 2.0/3.0, FCP, AFC
    5V𝌂2.4A 9V𝌂2A 12V𝌂1.5A (18W max)
  • USB-C & USB-A Output (multiple devices)
    USB-C: 5-15V𝌂3A 20V𝌂2.25A (45W max via USB-C), PPS: 5-11V𝌂4A, 5-20V𝌂2.25A; USB-A ports: 5V𝌂3A (15W total over 2 USB-A ports); 60W max over all three ports


Recharge Time

  • Approx. 3 hours with a 5-20V DC 45W USB PD power adapter
  • Approx. 5.5 hours with a 9V𝌂2A 12V𝌂1.5A power adapter and quality charge cable
  • Approx. 9.3 hours with a 5V𝌂2A power adapter and quality charge cable


Dimensions: 6.31 × 3.22 × 0.83 in (160.4 × 81.8 × 21 mm) 
Weight: 15.52 oz (440 g)

Charging Time & Number of Charges

Device Model

Charge Time (h:mm)

# of Full Charges

iPad Pro (A1980)



iPhone XS (w/ USB-C to Lightning cable)



Nintendo Switch



MacBook Pro 13” (A1708)



MacBook Pro 15” (A1707)



iPad Air (w/ USB-C to Lightning cable)



Compatible Devices (Tested)


  • Apple MacBook Pro 13 2016 (MLL42)
  • Apple MacBook 12 2017 (A1534)
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13 2017(A1706)
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15 2017(A1707)
  • Apple Macbook Pro 13 2018 (A1989)
  • Apple Macbook Pro 15 2018 (A1990)
  • Apple MacBook Air 13 2018 (A1932)
  • ASUS Transformer 3 Pro T303UA
  • Dell Latitude 5480
  • Dell Latitude E7370
  • Dell XPS 15 (9560)
  • Dell XPS 13 (9350)
  • Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (8th Generation)
  • Dell XPS 13 9370
  • Dell XPS 13 9380
  • Dell XPS 15 9550
  • Dell E7380
  • Dell E5480
  • Dell E7480
  • Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1
  • Dell Inspiron 13 7378 2-in-1
  • Google Pixelbook
  • HUAWEI MateBook E 12.0″
  • HUAWEI MateBook X Pro
  • HUAWEI MateBook X 13
  • HUAWEI MateBook 12
  • HP EliteBook Folio G1 12.5
  • HP Spectre 13-af001
  • HP Spectre x360 13-w021TU 13.3
  • HP Zbook StudioG5 15.6″
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T470 (1FCD)
  • Lenovo ThinkPad S3-490 14″
  • Lenovo YOGA C930 13.9″ 
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X270
  • Lenovo ThinkPad New S2 13.3
  • Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″ Early 2018 (Intel i7-8550U)
  • Acer SF713-51-M707
  • Acer Chromebook 14 (CP5-471-312N)
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15″ (MR962TA/A)(HWID: 15,1) Retina
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15″ (MPTR2TA/A)(HWID: 14,3)
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13″ (MPXV2TA/A)(HWID: 14,2)
  • Apple MacBook Air 13″  (MRE82TA/A) (HWID: 8,1)
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13″  (MR9U2TA/A) (HWID: 15,2)
  • Google Chromebook Pixel Notebook 2015
  • HP Spectre 13-v 119tu
  • HP Spectre x360 Conve 13-w010tu
  • Lenovo ThinkPad A485
  • Lenovo ThinkPad 13 20GJ003ETW
  • Lenovo Yoga 920-13IKB 80Y7
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (2nd Gen) TP00076C
  • Lenovo T470 ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd
  • Lenovo T570
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X390 Yoga
  • Fujitsu LIFEBOOK WU2/C3
  • Panasonic CF-SV78R8QP


  • iPad Pro 10.5 (Lightning port)
  • Samsung Tab S4 SM-T835C 10.5″
  • Microsoft Surface Go
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Wi-Fi SM-T830NZKABRI
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5″ 1832
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2 15″ 1793
  • Acer Switch Alpha SA5-271P-574Y
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet 20GG-CTO1WW


    • iPhone XS Max, 8, 7 Plus
    • Moto G6, G7 power
    • Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium
    • LG V40 ThinQ, G7+ ThinQ
    • HTC U11+, U12+
    • Samsung Galaxy S10+, Note10+
    • Google Pixel 3

Also Compatible with

Dell Latitude 5285 2-in-1, 5289 2-In-1, 5290, 5290 2-in-1, 5490, 5491, 5590, 7285 2-in-1, 7290, 7389 2-in-1, 7390, 7390 2-in-1, 7400 2-in-1, 7490

Main Features:

  • HUB/Dongle Feature:
    We have developed a unique HUB/dongle feature, to activate it, simply long-press the power button until a solid blue light appears, then connect a USB Type-C cable from a computer/phone to the power bank and connect any USB Type-A peripherals, use your mouse, keyboard, transfer data from hard drives etc.
    Next time you travel, no need to bring any cumbersome dongles/hubs/adapters.
    Although USB adapter mode is not intended for charging your phone or laptop, turning it on will also enable Low Power charging mode, so you can charge various low-power devices: smartwatches, Bluetooth headphones, and fitness trackers.

  • Power and Speed:
    With Power Delivery (PD) at 65W output, you can charge any of your Type-C devices.

  • Our Goal:
    This product was made with the aims of achieving heavy-duty capacity, portability, functionality, and premium design.

  • High Portability:
    Its 20,000 mAh or 72 watt-hour cell provides enough power for on-the-go entertainment and productivity for an extended period of time. It fits easily in your backpack or bag and is accepted aboard flights as a carry-on item.

  • Sleek Like Nothing Else:
    The PowerPack Pro 20K provides the user with extra USB ports for charging multiple devices at once.
    Its sleek and durable blue-patinaed enclosure emphasizes sophistication and professionalism.
    Multi-purpose productivity features make the PowerPack Pro 20K an essential piece in the toolkit of business professionals, students, and photographers.

  • Designed For On The Go:
    If you are a frequent traveller, outdoor adventurer, or mobile gamer, this backup battery is for you. It will power a wide variety of electronic devices — from action cameras to solar panel backpacks. Our customers include avid backpackers, professional photographers, and busy students who often surprise us with their creative ways of using this backup battery.

  • Safety:
    Multiple protections for your digital devices and PowerPack Pro 20K against overheating, short-circuiting, input overvoltage/reverse polarity, output overvoltage/overcurrent, and battery overcharge/over-discharge, and other abnormalities.

  • Efficiency:
    Uses best-in-class lithium-ion cells and other premium components combined with refined circuitry design to attain the highest energy efficiency.
    The PowerPack Pro 20K, via its USB-C port, leverages bidirectional Power Delivery (PD) over a wide range of voltages (5 to 20 volts) for super-fast charging (65W max) and recharging (45W max).

  • Compatibility:
    The product employs a built-in smart detection IC chip, which ensures its universal compatibility with all major smartphones, tablets, MacBook models, and other USB devices.
    The PowerPack Pro 20K supports USB PD 2.0/3.0 as well as fast charging for Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 capable devices.

  • LED Indicators:
    We have designed and programmed 4 intuitive LED charging indicators to allow users to easily understand the battery health and situation of the power bank.


How To Use:

  • USB HUB Mode:
    Double-press the charge level check button to enter the USB hub mode, and the mode indicator light will turn solid blue. 
    Besides data transfer, the USB hub mode is suitable for charging low-power devices, such as smartwatches, Bluetooth headphones, and fitness trackers.
    To exit the USB hub mode, press the charge level check button, and the mode indicator light will turn off.

  • Check The Charge Level of Your PowerPack Pro 20K:
    Press the charge level check button, and the set of lights corresponding to the current charge level will begin to flash. When the PowerPack Pro 20K is completely drained and needs to be recharged, the lights will stay off.

    NOTE: The charge level check button is not a typical ON/OFF switch.

    A single press will wake up the device from sleep, but will not turn it off if already on. By design, the device (including the lights) will turn off automatically within 30 seconds after it has gone idle.

  • Charge Your Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, or Other USB Devices:
    Connect your digital device to a USB-A or USB-C port of the PowerPack Pro 20K with a quality charge cable. As the device is being charged, the PowerPack Pro 20K’s LED indicator lights will flash.

    NOTE: Please verify that your laptop is of a newer model with a USB-C port AND PD support. 

    Tip: Using a quality charge/sync cable not only improves energy efficiency and shortens the charge time, but also reduces the risk of potential damage to your device and PowerPack Pro 20K.

  • Recharge Your PowerPack Pro 20K:
    A quality charge cable with a USB-C connector on one end and a USB-A or USB-C on the other end can be used.
    Plug the USB-C connector of the cable into the PowerPack Pro 20K’s input (middle) port and the other connector into the matching port of a USB power adapter.
    The LED indicator lights will flash and then stay on solid one by one as the charging progresses.
    For a 20,000 mAh battery pack like the PowerPack 20K Pro, it is crucial that the battery gets electricity as fast as possible during recharge, so that it can be ready for the next use in no time.
    A more powerful charger with higher rated wattage (18W+) is strongly recommended. The PowerPack Pro 20K is designed to recharge via USB PD or Quick Charge fast-charging power adapters as well as via conventional power plug.

    Here are some suggested power adapters for recharging the PowerPack Pro 20K:
    – MacBook (2015 or later), MacBook Pro (2016 or later) stock Apple USB-C power adapter (29W, 30W, 61W, or 87W)
    – Google Pixelbook USB-C power adapter (45W)
    – ZMI PowerPlug Turbo USB-C charger (45W)
    – Google Pixel USB-C charging plug (18W)
    – Factory Reset:

    The PowerPack Pro 20K is designed to safeguard against short-circuiting by entering a temporary, protective mode, waiting to be reset.
    To reset, connect the PowerPack Pro 20K to an AC/wall adapter via a quality charging cable and plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet; unplug and replug the PowerPack Pro 20K’s side of the cable while leaving the AC adapter plugged in the outlet.
    Short-circuiting on a port can sometimes result from using a frayed/damaged charging cord.
    To avoid the protective mode being triggered again, it is strongly suggested that you replace your frayed/damaged cord ASAP.


  • Please fully charge the product before using for the first time.
  • Upon charging the product or charging any other device with this product, please use applicable charger and data cable (The ZMI charger and data cable are recommended).
  • Be sure that the charging process of the product is attended. The power shall be unplugged if being left unattended, for example, going out or leaving for a long time.
  • The connection wire shall be unplugged timely if the product is fully charged or fully charges any other device to prevent power loss by long-time connection.
  • If no power status is displayed after pressing the charge level check button, it is possible that the product is under protection mode. You can try to recover the product by connecting to the external charger.
  • If the product is left unused for a long time, the power level of the product shall be maintained in the range of 25% to 50% and the product shall be kept in cool and dry environment. In order to prolong the service life of battery, don’t keep the product fully charged or discharged over long time.
  • Please read all instructions and warnings before first use, including charging/recharging instructions and information on the operating temperature range.
  • Product usage by children should be under adult supervision.
  • This product is not a toy for children; please store it in a secure place where children cannot reach.


  • Any misuse may cause failure, severe heat, fire or even explosion from the battery. In order to protect you from personal and/or property injury or damage, please use and keep the product in strict accordance with the following requirement:
  • The product shall not be taken as a toy. Please put the product out of the reach of children. Children are forbidden to use or play with the product in order to avoid any possible accident.
  • The product shall be charged with the charger complying with local safety criteria (such as China’s 3C Certification) in order to avoid electric shock or battery damage.
  • Don’t press or knock on the product with great force, nor cause the product fall down or experience strong vibration. If the aforesaid situation occurs, or any liquid infiltrates or splashes into the product, the battery and/or the circuit may be damaged, or the short circuit may occur. Under this circumstance, please stop use and properly dispose the product.
  • Please stop use and properly dispose the product if the product shows the indication of expansion, deformation, leakage or evident capacity drop.
  • When the product is charged or discharged, it shall not be put into coat/trousers pocket, closed bag, sofa or any other place which may negatively affect the heat dissipation. Be sure that the product is not covered with clothes, pillow, quilt or any other things during the process of use. When charging any cellphone or any other device over time, don’t stack the product with the charged cellphone or any other device so that the proper heat dissipation of such cellphone and any other device are assured.
  • Don’t dismantle, squeeze or stab the product or cause short circuit. The product shall not be put into water or fire (being kept away from any cooker, heater or heat source), nor exposed to environment with temperature over 60°C.
  • In hot weather, the product shall not be kept outdoor, nor put into any unattended vehicle or exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The product contains lithium-ion battery. Don’t remove the housing of the product without permit, which may cause battery damage or arise any other risks.

In The Box:

1× PowerPack Pro 20K power bank

1× 20-inch USB-C to USB-C cable with E-Mark (rated for 100W/5A) 

1× 12-inch USB-C to USB-A cable

1× travel pouch

1x User Guide

1x Thank You Card


  • US & ZA based tech support

  • 12-month limited warranty


Q: Can I bring the portable charger/battery pack aboard a plane?
A: Yes, you can bring ZMI battery packs aboard a plane.
All ZMI battery packs have rated capacities below the limit of 100 watt-hours per FAA regulations pertaining to rechargeable lithium batteries.
However, please note: When travelling by plane, FAA regulations require you to store your portable charger/battery pack in your carry-on luggage, NOT checked-in luggage.

Q: It’s taking a long time to recharge the PowerPack Pro 20K. Is it okay to use the iPhone power adapter to recharge it?
A: The iPhone power adapter will slowly recharge the high-capacity PowerPack Pro 20K and may take over 24 hours to fully recharge, so while it may seem the PowerPack Pro 20K stopped recharging, it’s because the recharging is very slow.
The fastest way is to use a USB-C power brick with a USB-C to USB-C cable.
For example, the latest MacBook Pro power adapter will recharge the PowerPack Pro 20K in about 4 hours.
If it seems that the PowerPack Pro 20K is not recharging properly, make sure you try using a more powerful charger like the MacBook Air/Pro one or ZMI’s 45W charger.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge a PowerPack Pro 20K power bank itself? Can you charge it with your laptop’s charger?
A: If your laptop’s power brick supports USB Power Delivery, then you can recharge the power bank via your laptop’s power brick. Apple 29W, 30W, 61W, 87W, and Google Pixelbook’s charger all work well with the power bank.
The recharge time depends on the power brick used.
Here are some examples:
3.8 hours via a 45W PD power brick, 5.5 hours via 18W charger, and 8.8 hours via 10W (5V/2A) charger.

Q: Is it safe to charge the Dell XPS 13 using the PowerPack Pro 20K?
A: The PowerPack Pro 20K should charge your laptop properly.
Besides HP, Dell is one of the pickiest vendors in terms of what 3rd party chargers they feel are compatible.
Some customers have reported pop-up warning messages stating that PowerPack Pro 20K is an undersized charger when charging the XPS 13.
If your XPS 13 charges fine after you close the message window, there’s no need to worry about anything.
Our charger has been rigorously tested with many laptops, including the Dell XPS 13 and proven again and again to charge safely.
So rest assured that the PowerPack Pro 20K is both powerful and reliable and will work as well as your Dell 45W charger/AC adapter.

Q: Why should I purchase this battery pack?
A: Our new portable charger, the ZMI PowerPack Pro 20K sports a huge 20,000 mAh capacity and features both USB Power Delivery 2.0 and Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 fast charging support.
This means you can recharge your latest iPhone seven times and the latest Samsung five times!
Along with a USB Hub mode, this powerful, versatile backup battery is the ideal accessory for your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or gaming console
Those are just a few reasons why you need to get a PowerPack Pro 20K today!

Q: Does the PowerPack Pro 20K have a smaller capacity than 20,100 mAh batteries?
A: The PowerPack Pro 20K actually has a nominal capacity exactly equal to 20,100 mAh.
Like many 20,100 mAh battery packs on the market, the PowerPack Pro 20K is made of six LG 18650 (battery size) lithium-ion cells, each with a nominal capacity of 3,350 mAh. 3,350 mAh x 6 gives 20,100 mAh.
For marketing reasons, the “100” was rounded off.
In short, although it’s called the PowerPack Pro 20K, the actual capacity is the same as 20,100 mAh.

Q: After working for a while, the PowerPack Pro 20K is no longer charging my phone. How to fix this problem?
A: If you are having problems charging your phone with your PowerPack Pro 20K, please take a look at these tips.
Your phone’s charging cable may be broken or faulty.
Try charging your phone with a different cable. Or use the same cable and a different charger.
The PowerPack Pro 20K may be out of power.
Check the power level by pressing the charge level check button on the side and see if any lights are blinking on the ports side.
If none of the lights are on, try recharging the PowerPack Pro 20K with the recharging cable included in the box and your own USB wall charger/power plug.
The PowerPack Pro 20K may be turned off.
Our portable chargers (and most on the market) will automatically turn off after 30 seconds if no connection is detected.
To wake up the PowerPack Pro 20K, press the charge level check button on the side once.

Q: What is pdo and pps? also how to enable it?
A: PDO stands for Power Data Objects, and PPS stands for Programmable Power Supply. These are two terms used in the USB Power Delivery 3.0 protocol.
The power supply (in this case the battery pack) and the device (that is, a phohe, tablet, or a laptop chargeable via a USB-C port) will communicate and negotiate in accordance with the USB Power Delivery 3.0 protocol and then determine which PDO or PPS profile to enable.
All is automatically done without user input.

Q: Does this power bank have all these certifications, fcc, ce, sgs na listed, bc, rohs. if so does it say directly on the power bank?
A: This battery pack has FCC, BC, UL 2056, UL 60950-1, DOE, CEC, and TPCH.
This product does not have CE or RoHS, both of which are EU-specific requirements.
The casing of the battery pack bears FCC, SGS, and BC marks.

Q: Will this charge low power devices like apple watch, air pods or beats solo pro? is there a trickle-charging mode?
A: Yes, it can charge low power devices. The USB hub mode also works to provide trickle charge. Double-press the side button to enter the USB hub mode and press one time to exit. Please note there’s a 2-hr timeout for trickle charge.

Q: How should this be charged?
A: Plug a cable into the center USB-C port.

Q: Can i charge this with my macbook pro 15 (2019) charger? it’s an 87w usb-c power adapter model a1719 output 20.2v – 4.3a or 9v – 3a or 5.2v – 2.4a?
A: Yes, you sure can. This battery pack can charge the MBP 15. You can recharge the battery pack with your Apple stock 87w power brick.

Q: In the pictures it shows 45w fast recharging into the usb c port, but it also shows a 65w charger. which is it, 45w input or 65w?
A: The input is 45W. The 65W charger in the image is one that we show as an example of a good charger that will recharge the PowerPack quickly.

Q: Will this effectively charge my surface pro 7?
A: Yes, it will.

Q: What is the actual capacity for this powerbank?
A: Cell Capacity: 20,000 mAh 3.6V 72Wh (Watt-Hours).
Nominal Capacity: 12,000mAh @ 5V 60Wh (USB-C: 5V 3A & 2× USB-A: 5V 3A total); 2,800mAh @ 20V 56Wh (20V 3.25A)
Please note that a common misconception is to read and compare mAh measurements without realizing mAh measurements may be taken at different voltages. A simple and direct metric of capacity is Watt-hours.

Q: I this certified to charge the Google Pixelbook?
A: There’s no charger certification specific to Google Pixelbook. Incidentally, we have obtained FCC, NRTL, and DOE+CEC certifications for the battery pack. NRTL certification includes UL 2056 and UL 60950-1.

Other Questions:
Are you a MacBook or Pixelbook owner? Both the new MacBook and Pixelbook boast a full day’s worth of battery, but is that good enough?
Over time, your laptop battery’s capacity will diminish and replacing it every few years can be expensive.
What used to be a full day of charge could turn into a few hours depending on your power usage.

Perhaps, you are someone who wants to go several days without plugging your laptop into a wall adapter. Or maybe you are someone who wants the flexibility to charge your laptop anywhere, anytime.
When you’re at school, work, a coffee shop, or a library, it can be a hassle to search for an open wall outlet or be stuck in an awkward position near the outlet waiting for your laptop to charge.

With the PowerPack Pro 20K, you get a reliable backup battery that will free you from the wall outlet.
Instead, you can be lying on the couch or outside in a park and charge your laptop comfortably and stress-free.

One great thing about the new MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Pixelbook is that they all offer at least one USB-C port capable of charging with Power Delivery (PD).
With the right USB-C cables, Power Delivery will deliver faster charging and more power up to 100 watts.

USB PD is not only compatible with smaller devices like smartphones and handheld gadgets, but also larger devices like laptops, printers, and displays.
The PowerPack Pro 20K is fully compatible with the PD standard, so you can rest assured your device (whether it’s a smartphone or a laptop) is being optimally charged for faster speed and safety.

With Google and Apple adopting the Power Delivery standard to their devices, other smartphone and laptop manufacturers will likely soon follow their footsteps and include PD support with their future devices.
So even if you’re not a Google or Apple customer, investing now in a PD-compatible charger will be worth it in the long run as the standard becomes ubiquitous.

Is one port on your MacBook not enough for you?
The PowerPack Pro 20K will provide you with 2 additional USB 2.0 ports with its Hub mode for fast data transfer.

Are you a business person who needs to work while travelling?
A portable office is what you need. The PowerPack Pro 20K will let you connect a mouse or an external drive to your laptop with ease, so you can stay efficient even 40,000 feet in the air.

Are you an avid Nintendo Switch gamer?
Hook up the PowerPack Pro 20K to an external display or the Switch Dock and you’ll have the ultimate Nintendo gaming experience.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or your work requires a lot of process-heavy software like video editing or 3D modelling, the PowerPack Pro 20K will take care of your charging needs.
Now, you no longer have to worry about your battery dying when you’re in the middle of an intense game or important project.
Take your work (or game) wherever with the full confidence that your devices will stay charged and your lifestyle stays uninterrupted.

Are you an outdoors person who loves camping, hiking, or mountain climbing?
Whether you’re pitching a tent in your backyard or exploring the Himalayas, the PowerPack Pro 20K will again ensure your portable electronics are powered.
Even if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no power outlet in sight, you can keep all of your devices (phone, tablet, laptop) charged without worry.

The PowerPack Pro 20K’s built-in protective mechanism against short-circuiting may have been triggered by a short on an output port; the PowerPack Pro 20K is now in a protective mode and won’t respond to button presses or charge your phone.
The PowerPack Pro 20K was designed to safeguard against short-circuiting due to inadvertent or deliberate causes.
Short-circuiting on an output port can occur as a result of using a frayed or damaged charging cord.
Short-circuiting can be either temporary or persistent.

How many of us have continued to use a phone cord with broken sleeving?
Solution: Fortunately, the battery pack is only in a temporary, protective mode, waiting to be revived.
To revive it, connect the battery pack to a wall charger (AC adapter) via a good charging cord and plug the wall charger into a wall outlet; unplug and replug the battery pack’s side of the cord while the wall charger stays in the outlet.

That’s it! Your PowerPack Pro 20K will be as good as new.
To avoid the protective mode being triggered again, it is strongly suggested that you replace your frayed/damaged cord ASAP.

About Us:

Based in Sunnyvale, California, USA.

We are a forward-thinking company that seeks to bring pure, simple, and economical gadgets to market while focusing on using the most premium of components to create products that exceed the quality of our competitors.

We believe in saving money on unnecessary frills and flashy marketing, so we can pass on those savings to our customers, we instead spend our time and money on improving the quality and reliability of our products.

Since being established in 2014, we have been working to meet this challenge and have cumulatively sold over 100 million portable chargers/battery packs worldwide.


Sensofinity, FNB Portside Building, 5 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, 8001​

Email: support@zmi.co.za, M-F 9:00 am to 5 pm


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