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2.4A Hi-Tension USB Type-A to Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable

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2.4A Hi-Tension USB Type-A to Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable

2.4A Hi-Tension USB Type-A to Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable


(1 meter)

(2 meter)

Made from highly durable ballistic vest fibres, Apple MFI certified & 3M adhesive organisation clip


  • Length: 3.3 feet (1 meter) or 6.6 feet (2 meter)
  • Power Output: 2.4A
  • Connector Type: USB Type-A to Apple Lightning
  • USB2.0 Data Transfer Speed: Supports 480 Mbps high-speed data sync and transfer.
  • Material: Braided Nylon, TPE, Anodized Aluminium Alloy
  • Colour: Black & Grey
  • Model: AL806 (1m) | AL886 (2m)

Main Features:

  • Premium Braided & Alloy Build:
    With a braided nylon cable exterior and anodized aluminium connectors shells, our cable is as tough as it gets.

  • MFI Certified:
    MFi certified cable for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other Apple products charged via the Lightning port, meaning users will never face connector reliability issues.

  • Supports Up To 12W Charging:
    2x faster than regular cable when used with 5V/2.4A plug.

  • Syncs:
    Fast data sync for transfer of photos and videos to your computer.

  • Bulletproof Material:
    We have used fibre material used in bulletproof vest to create a reinforced exterior layer, this enables the cable to be fray-resistant and incredibly durable against user abuse.

  • Tested tough Long-lasting Durability:
    With 30,000+ bending tests, this cable is tough and long-lasting. Everyday use from travel, camping, backpacking, work, and vacation. Wherever you go and whatever you do, this cable will survive.

  • Organisation Clip:
    We have added an organisational 3M adhesive clip to enable users to attach it to the side of the table or bed as to keep the floor free of trip hazards and enables the cable to always be conveniently in reach.

  • What is MFI?
    MFi simply stands for “Made For iPad” (or iPhone or iPod or iPad) and is a certification and licensing program that 3rd-party accessory manufacturers like ourselves can apply for so that customers know that Apple has approved the product to safely work with specific Apple devices, it means that the cable connector is directly purchased from Apple.

  • What about cheaper none-MFI cables?
    High-quality non-MFi cables do exist but most of the time this is not the case, this is because there is no standard for none-MFI cables.

    None-MFI cables often use low-grade components that can result in you getting an error message stating that the accessory is a non-Genuine Apple product and will not let you charge along with other charging related issues.

    The problem with none-MFI is that with new software updates by Apple and new releases of iPhones, the software can better detect non-MFi accessories leaving your generic accessory useless.

In The Box:

1x Cable 

1x Velcro Organisational Strap

1x 3M Adhesive Organisational Clip


  • US & ZA based tech support

  • 12-month limited warranty

About Us:

Based in Sunnyvale, California, USA.

We are a forward-thinking company that seeks to bring pure, simple, and economical gadgets to market while focusing on using the most premium of components to create products that exceed the quality of our competitors.

We believe in saving money on unnecessary frills and flashy marketing, so we can pass on those savings to our customers, we instead spend our time and money on improving the quality and reliability of our products.

Since being established in 2014, we have been working to meet this challenge and have cumulatively sold over 100 million portable chargers/battery packs worldwide.


Sensofinity, FNB Portside Building, 5 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, 8001​

Email: support@zmi.co.za, M-F 9:00 am to 5 pm


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